VIP Lounge works now 50% complete: Akbar

VIP Lounge works now 50% complete: Akbar

The renovation and reconstruction of the VIP Lounge at Bauerfield Airport in Port Vila has reached 50% completion.

Project Manager, Firdaus Akbar, has confirmed this, adding that the progress was delayed by two weeks due to a hold-up in the delivery of essential materials from Indonesia.

Mr. Akbar revealed that a much-awaited delivery of 20 tons of construction materials arrived via an Indonesian aircraft, the Boeing 737-800, on Sunday afternoon. wThis delay was attributed to the completion of required paperwork, facilitated with the assistance of the Indonesian Embassy in Australia.

It is anticipated that these newly acquired materials will be used to complete the entire renovation project. Mr. Akbar also clarified that while a significant portion of the materials is sourced from Indonesia, a portion of them is also purchased locally from hardware stores in Port Vila.

With the materials now at hand, construction activities are set to resume this week after the delay.

The Indonesian government’s assistance for this project began on August 24, 2023, and is expected to be completed by November 15, 2023.

In August of this year, Siswo Pramono, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Vanuatu and Australia, disclosed that the Vanuatu government had formally requested Indonesia’s support in renovating the VIP Lounge at Bauerfield Airport.

The estimated cost of this project stands at VT110 million.

- Vanuatu Daily Post

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