Vanuatu Gov't approve VT3B Supplementary Budget

Vanuatu Gov't approve VT3B Supplementary Budget

The Parliament yesterday approved the Government’s VT3 billion plus Supplementary Budget for the year 2023.

A large proportion of the budget was appropriated to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MoFEM).

Over half of the total additional budget is given to the MOH. Of the VT1,856,922,257 appropriation for MOH, VT450,000,000 was used for Vila Central Hospital (VCH) COVID-19 Clinical Services Surge Support; VT45,000,000 from Government of New Caledonia for COVID-19; VT41,625,177 from Australian Medical Assistance Team; VT70,708,547 for Australian COVID outbreak response initiative; VT66,755,326 support provided for preparedness and response, and VT21,638,678 Australian support to the Red Cross.

According to the breakdown, VT83,365,102 was allocated for the Vanuatu Emergency Services Association; VT191,877,102 Australian Humanitarian Partnership; VT19,214, 000 MFAT Response to COVID-19; VT202,043,741 for COVID response health supplies; VT11,830,773 for MFAT-emergency response funding; VT300,000,000 grant aid for the control of infectious diseases and improvement of health and medical systems; VT184,314, 310 for emergency grant aid in providing cold chain as part of UNICEF cooperation; VT1,586,613 COVID-19 vaccination rollout on Efate, and VT166,962,160 for project for strengthening capacity of health for COVID-19 crisis (UNICEF Cooperation).

A total of VT1, 304,000,000 was appropriated to the MoFEM. VT574, 000,000 was used for Wage Subsidy VT430, 000,000 for the Subsidy and VT574, 000,000 for the Small Business Grant.

Of the VT307,255,863 appropriated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), VT153,666,667 was used for the Project of Strengthening Capacity of Border Control for COVID-19 Crisis (UNDP Cooperation), VT150,000,000 used for Snap Election and VT3,589,196 for Vanuatu Australia Defence Cooperation Program.

Additionally, VT221,888,852 appropriated to Parliament was used for the gratuities of the Members of Parliament.

A total of VT24,955,280 appropriated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) were used for the ministry’s COVID-19 Emergency Food Security Plan.

Moreover, a sum of VT35,000,000 appropriated to the Ministry of Climate Change was used for Expanding Conservation Areas Reach and Effectiveness (ECARE) in Vanuatu and VT19,421,060 was appropriated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Of the VT5,310,000 appropriated to the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, VT1,500,000 was for MFAT Response to COVID-19 Correctional Services; VT3, 586,000 Vanuatu Australia Police and Justice Program, and another VT224,000 for Vanuatu Australia Police and Justice Program.

The Bill for the Supplementary Appropriation was tabled by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management, John Salong.


Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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