RFT - Consultancy to undertake Ecosystem and Socioeconomic Resilience Analysis and Mapping (ESRAMs) in four provinces of the Solomon Islands



Submission guidelines
4.1. Tender documentation should demonstrate that the interested consultant satisfies the conditions stated above and in the Terms of Reference and is capable of meeting the specifications and timeframes. Documentation must also include supporting examples to address the
evaluation criteria.
4.2. Tender documentation should be submitted in English and outline the interested consultant’s
complete proposal:
a) SPREP Tender Application form and conflict of interest form. (Please note you
are required to complete in full all areas requested in the Form, particularly the
Statements to demonstrate you meet the selection criteria – DO NOT refer us to
your CV. Failure to do this will mean your application will not be considered).
For the Technical and Financial proposals you may attach these separately.
b) Honour form
c) Curriculum Vitae of the proposed personnel to demonstrate that they have the requisite skills and experience to carry out this contract successfully.
d) Technical Proposal which contains the details to achieve the tasks outlined in the Terms of Reference.
e) Financial Proposal – provide a detailed outline of the costs involved in successfully delivering this project submitted in United States Dollars (USD) and inclusive of all associated taxes.

8.1. The due date for submission of the tender is: 20 January 2023, midnight (Apia, Samoa
local time).
8.2. Late submissions will be returned unopened to the sender.
8.3 Please send all tenders clearly marked ‘RFT 2022/069: Consultancy to undertake Ecosystem and Socio-economic Resilience Analysis and Mapping (ESRAMs) in four provinces of the Solomon Islands

Attention: Procurement Officer
PO Box 240
Fax: 685 20231
Person: Submit by hand in the tenders’ box at SPREP reception,
 Vailima, Samoa.

Note: Submissions made to the incorrect portal will not be considered by SPREP. If
SPREP is made aware of the error in submission prior to the deadline, the applicant
will be advised to resubmit their application to the correct portal. However, if SPREP
is not made aware of the error in submission until after the deadline, then the application is considered late and will be returned unopened to the sender.
SPREP reserves the right to reject any or all tenders and the lowest or any tender will not necessarily
be accepted.

SPREP reserves the right to enter into negotiation with respect to one or more proposals prior to the
award of a contract, split an award/awards and to consider localised award/awards between any proposers in any combination, as it may deem appropriate without prior written acceptance of the proposers.
A binding contract is in effect, once signed by both SPREP and the successful tenderer. Any
contractual discussion/work carried out/goods supplied prior to a contract being signed does
not constitute a binding contract.
For any complaints regarding the Secretariat’s tenders please refer to the Complaints section on the SPREP website