Request For Quotations (Rfq) Quality Assurance Services -ADDENDUM

DATE ISSUED:January 16, 2023
QUESTIONS DUE: January 23, 2023
CLOSING DATE:February 3, 2023

SUBJECT: Request for Quotation (RFQ) # PAF SSC-23-001 Quality Assurance Services 
REFERENCE: Issued under Pacific American Fund, USAID Contract No. 72049220C00004

Pacific Tender Advertisement:

Social Solutions International, Inc. is seeking quotations from qualified architecture and engineering design firms in the Solomon Islands to provide Quality Assurance services for the construction of numerous small-scale infrastructure construction projects across Malaita Province. 

The projects include an access road, various food processing facilities, and water and power  infrastructures. The Quality Assurance Firm will play a crucial role in supporting Social Solutions  by ensuring the work is completed in a timely manner and that the projects conform to acceptable  international and local standards.

Issuance of this RFQ does not obligate Social Solutions or the United States Government to award  a subcontract, nor does it commit Social Solutions or the U.S. Government to pay for any costs  incurred in the preparation or submission of proposals. Furthermore, Social Solutions reserves the  right to reject any and all offers, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Social  Solutions and the U.S. Government

Social Solutions anticipates awarding a Time and Materials (T&M) subcontract as a result of this RFQ, covering a total period of performance of ten (10) calendar months. The complete RFQ, which includes a complete list of the anticipated projects as well as deliverables of the Quality  Assurance Firm, is available for download HERE or by emailing .  Offerors must submit any comments or questions concerning this RFQ no later than 5:00PM ET, January 23, 2023. All questions related to the RFQ must be submitted to Ms. Jeanine Hubler at with a subject line of “RFQ Quality Assurance Services”. 

Submissions in response to this RFQ must be submitted electronically no later than February 3, 2023, 5:00 PM ET, to  with a subject line of “RFQ  Quality Assurance Services”.