Canstruct Partners with Tropic Group Builders

Canstruct Partners with Tropic Group Builders

As part of its partnership growth strategy in the Pacific, Canstruct Group have announced a new partnership with Tropic Group Builders (TGB) of Solomon Islands.  A key component in our efforts to build a sustainable future for the Solomon Islands and across the Pacific is partnering with local construction companies who share similar Pacific based values and a desire to grow and develop local industry.

Tropic Group Builders is a growing family run construction business in the Solomon Islands and part of a Group of companies that expanded from an original glass and aluminium manufacturing business.

“Solomon Islands industry needs Australian partners like Canstruct that are genuinely interested in helping local companies like us grow and succeed.” General Manager Ricky Fuoo explains.  “Canstructs knowledge and experience will enable us to take on bigger and more complex jobs”.

“Canstruct is truly unique in its partnership approach, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great company with Pacific based values and approaches to working with us islanders.” Ricky adds.

Damien Cavanagh Canstruct CEO mentions “Canstruct believes in partnering with local Companies for multiple projects, enabling long term growth. Our experience in the region can help TGB deliver buildings that meet not only the local building standards but deliver on AS/NZ quality standards as well. It also raises the skill level of the local workforce as well as delivering a increased standard of living”.

Canstruct believes this partnership will facilitate us to build a valued and meaningful relationship with TGB and the local workforce. This collaboration will provide significant growth opportunities for TGB to build both their capability and capacity for quality work in the Solomon Islands.

Canstruct will truly help TGB change the face of Solomon Islands one construction project at a time.


Source: Castrust Group Website

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