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Sustainability and Progress Amidst Climate Change

Despite facing existential threats from climate change, Pacific Island nations are emerging as global leaders in sustainability. From utilizing renewable energy to reviving traditional practices for conservation, these island nations are demonstrating remarkable innovation and resilience. This article explores the various projects and initiatives undertaken by Pacific Island nations in their fight against climate change and their commitment to building a sustainable future.

Procurement Experts Demand Carbon Neutrality: 90% Onboard!

The escalating urgency of climate change is reverberating throughout the global business landscape, prompting a paradigm shift in corporate priorities. A recent report by BloombergNEF (BNEF) reveals a seismic development: 90% of procurement experts are expected to mandate carbon neutrality from their suppliers in the near future. This unprecedented move signifies a fundamental change in supplier-buyer dynamics, driven by the imperative to address the environmental crisis.