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Solomon Islands National Infrastructure Priority Pipeline 2023 launched

The Solomon Islands National Infrastructure Priority Pipeline 2023 consolidates the most important nationally significant infrastructure projects and programs into a single document. These infrastructure projects have been selected and packaged to transform how Solomon Islanders live, work and thrive in the future. These projects and programs will be critical to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Solomon Islands National Development Strategy. 

This Priority Pipeline represents a new way of looking at infrastructure in the Solomon Islands. Instead of a single list of national projects and programs, we have presented the Pipeline as individual packages of sequenced infrastructure projects within each of the nine Provinces. This is a new ‘place-based’ planning approach that recognises the contexts, unique challenges and aspirations of the people in each of our Provinces.

We have also recognised that transport and accessibility is the foundation of development. It forms the backbone of the infrastructure ecosystem, as recognised in National Transport Core Initiative (NTCI) policy. These transport projects therefore sit at the heart of the sequencing in the Pipeline.

The document summarises our analyses of each of the Provinces, highlighting what we perceive as the challenges and opportunities. The projects and programs in each of the   Provinces are tabulated and mapped where appropriate. We believe that this approach makes it easier for a broad audience of stakeholders to appreciate the plans and intentions behind this Pipeline.


  • Launch the Solomon Islands National Infrastructure Priority Pipeline 2023 Report.
  • Inform development partners, business and supply chains of the Solomon Islands longer term infrastructure intentions
  • Dissemination of the 2023 Solomon Islands Priority Pipeline for implementation.

Click to view the complete SINIPP 2023 document below:

The Solomon Islands National Infrastructure Priority Pipeline 2023

Testing times for labs

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