We strive to leverage technology to provide seamless tendering experience you've never had before.


Who are we?

At Pacific Tenders, we understand that manual tendering is tiresome, tedious and time-consuming. Buyers spend hundreds of dollars to advertise and distribute their e-procurement material and sellers waste a lot of time searching for the right opportunites manually. 

Barring the tedious and costly manual tendering systems in the Pacific region, our mission is to create an open, transparent and efficient e-procurement platform. We aspire to connect 1000s of buyers and suppliers like you to the right set of opportunities. 

To get your business running without any hinderances, we provide seamless information distribution and accessibility to procurement information for all individuals, businesses, trade professionals, and the general public at large. 

What we do

We are quite optimistic to serve the Pacific community through our mission and service this platform. 

For Buyers

We ensure that your tenders are publicized and your brand message reaches the right audience

For Suppliers

We ensure access to favourable opportunities right at your fingertips in one place.